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La Resistance adds API 2448 console to demo facility

Distributor purchases console for in-house studio and demonstration room.

API's Puerto Rican distributor La Resistance Pro Audio Group prides itself on a well-equipped demonstration facility which doubles as a professional studio. "We consider ourselves very fortunate to have the chance to offer all this incredible analog gear to our clients, not only to buy but to also try out in our showroom in San Juan," says La Resistance manager, Dennis Morales.

The addition of a 32-channel API 2448 analog recording console with API Final Touch Automation™ moving faders has only increased Morales' good fortune. The console was purchased for the control room of La Resistance's demo facility, which can also be hired as a professional recording studio by night. The studio is equipped with top-of-the-line recording gear sold by the company.

"This gives clients a chance to test and hear the differences between each piece of equipment," Morales continues. "Making the commitment to API's brand by acquiring the 2448 demo console has made an incredible improvement to our studio by making the audio sound huge and more three-dimensional, adding a huge increase in headroom to our SPL. The 2448 gives recordings so much depth that many of our clients wish they could redo their old records on the API board. It has also given the studio a completely new vibe that is consistent with a large professional recording facility. I've always loved to work on in-line recording consoles, with two separate independent paths, so once the 2448 became available I was certain that this was the one console we needed to obtain. With the addition of the Final Touch Automation™, our clients can still use the faders as regular controllers, which puts them more in their comfort zone."

Morales has garnered praise from a diversity of engineers and producers who've worked on the API 2448 since it was installed, including the legendary Errol Brown, who was the first to try out the console. "It was very exciting; I mean, this was Bob Marley's recording engineer for all those incredible hits, so we were very nervous at the beginning of the session," says Morales. "But he immediately fell in love with the 2448 and was very enthusiastic about the ease of use and sound of it. Since then we have been very privileged to have top recording acts come to record and test the console."

This includes Latin artists such as Cultura Profética, Daddy Yankee, producer Sergio George (Marc Anthony) and international artist, Akon.

"The benefits of having this amazing board are that our clients can get to test it first before they make a commitment and invest in one, and also that we have the chance to spread the word about API's legendary recording analog equipment," says Morales. "Our Puerto Rican clients tend to be very reluctant to try brands and equipment that they are not familiar with, so we let them have a test drive in our demonstration facility, which helps a lot with sales."

The API-equipped control room is connected to a live room with an 18-foot ceiling, as well as to a vocal booth and a piano booth with a 1963 Yamaha mini grand piano.