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API Introduces Two API Select 500 Series Modules

Automated Processes Inc. (API) announces the SV12 Compressor and SV14 4-band EQ 500 Series modules as the latest additions to the API Select range of products. Designed, built and tested at the API factory in Jessup Maryland, API Select products are specifically engineered to complement API's classic line of mic pre's, equalizers and compressors.

The API Select SV12 features the original compressor circuit designed for the ATI Paragon live analog mixing consoles. Re-engineered for the 500 Series format, the SV12 provides comprehensive, easy-to-use compression with full LED metering of both output and gain reduction. The unit also includes API's patented THRUST® circuitry which protects sensitive high frequency content of the audio signal even under the most vigorous of compression ratios. Two channels can be linked for use as a stereo compressor with true RMS power summing of the left and right signals.

The API Select SV14 EQ circuit design is likewise rooted in API's history. Faithfully re-engineered from the highly sought-after APSI 562 EQ's which were distributed by API during the 1970's and 1980's, the SV14 provides parametric equalization at an affordable price point. The SV14 also features an EQ in/out switch, transformer balanced output, and dual concentric knobs which provide continuously variable control of boost/cut and frequency selection.

"It has been exciting to re-introduce the audio community to products that are based on technology and experience we've acquired over the years but which don't necessarily conform to API's classic component structure or topography," explained API President Larry Droppa. "The API Select line gives us the opportunity to design and manufacture gear that's very high quality, but that's different from API's legendary line of classic products. The SV12 and SV14 are welcome additions to the API Select family."

Both units are now shipping, and all API Select products feature API's industry-exclusive Five Year Warranty. For further details, please visit the SV12 and SV14 product pages.