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Kenny Larkin

What:Techno Musician/ DJ

Where:Los Angeles, California

API Gear:16 channel 1608 console, THE BOX console

From the Street:

"I bought the BOX a few years ago, and loved the sound and the features it offered. I wanted to move up to a more fully functioning console with proper echo send/returns for my outboard effects. I also wanted EQ on every channel so it was logical that my next step would be to upgrade to the 1608. I made a decision to stick with the analog style workflow a few years ago, which for me meant buying gear that will never go out of style or fashion."

"The tone I get out of the 1608 is exactly like the Box, only now I have 16 full channels plus echo send/returns, all with the classic mic pres! I'm giddy with the fact that I can load each channel with 500 series EQs, compressors, and processors! And the lovely transformers—it's a sound I will never get tired of. These two consoles will grow old with me."

"I've always had nice gear, but nothing compares to my 1608 and BOX. I'm in sonic nirvana with both."

"The BOX provided me with effortless, punchy, deliciously analog mixes. The 1608 merely adds to that and gives me more options because of the 16 fully functional channels, and echo send/returns. In addition to those, the dual inputs on the echo channels increase my functionality due to them also accepting sound sources. So technically, it's 24 inputs at mix down. So many options at my fingertips. I couldn't be any happier."

About Kenny Larkin and Tedra Studios:

Kenny Larkin has been releasing Detroit Techno music for over 24 years, and has traveled over 3 million miles around the globe, DJ'ing to audiences in over 50 countries. Having established an undeniable influence in the electronic music scene throughout his longstanding career, Larkin continues to make waves. Tedra Studios is Larkin's private studio, which relocated from Detroit to Los Angeles in March 2016. When Larkin upgraded to the 1608, he decided to upgrade his studio as well, improving on his monitors and having the space acoustically treated. Larkin is currently recording an album and working on many remixes.

More: Facebook, Twitter

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