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Who:Kirke Jan Blankenship

What:Music Writer, Music Producer

Where:Los Angeles, CA

API Gear:The Channel Strip

From the Street:

"After having an equipment order "faux pas" regarding another 'front end' manufacturer, I decided to take a chance on a company and piece of gear that I had no previous connection with and had never specifically heard. I was aware of API's great reputation, though, and knew that they were makers of gear that not only sounded impeccable but made to outlast most natural disasters; it's as solid as they come.

"My sales rep, Reb at Westlake Pro in North Hollywood, CA, was as curious as I was when the box was brought out from the back. We didn't even plug it in. We just opened it up and basked in the build. Once I got The Channel Strip back to my studio, I was simply stunned that, after many years of searching, my sound had finally found me. I knew that I had a good feeling when ordering this sight unseen, but this end result was more than I had ever hoped for. Since then, about a year ago, I've used it more than any other front end I have, including a pair of highly regarded tube pre's with original purple knobs. There is just something so right about the API sound and I almost can't remember what I ever did before I had it. Now I can honestly say: 'API: There is no other.'"

About AcademyCurve:

In addition to various Film Scoring and Music Production projects, AcademyCurve Music can be heard on many shows airing on various Viacom cable networks such as E! Entertainment and Logo.

Contact: Twitter

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