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Estudio Panda

Who:Sergio Martinez, Studio Engineer, and Miguel Krochik, Studio Owner

What:Estudio Panda

Where:Buenos Aires, Argentina

API Gear: Vintage 32 channel console from 1973, moving fader by Uptown Automation

From the Street:

Estudio Panda's vintage API console has been in the studio since 2000.

Martinez enthusiastically relates: "It was built in 1973, and has all its original components including the 550A, 550b and 560A EQs. It has a Bantam patchbay with a 1/4" front, a monitoring section, a section of cues, and Uptown automation. The console was painted by its previous owner in Austria. It has 32 channels of recording, with the possibility of having 64 channels of monitoring."

About Estudio Panda:

Estudio Panda opened in the early 1980s. Today, it consists of two studios in the same building, and has worked with industry leaders including the Scorpions, producer Andrew Oldgam (Rolling Stones), Ricky Martin, Shakira, among many others.

More:; Facebook
Contact: 1534917922 and

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