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API 1608's "Parade of Features" Pleases Trench Recordings

Trench Recordings, in Toronto, Ontario Canada, kicked off 2015 with a new 16 channel 1608 from API. Installed in September, the 1608 is ushering Trench into the new year with what Partner/Producer/ Engineer Lionel Pedro says was the satisfying end to a long search. "We tested a lot of mixers before choosing the 1608. Aside from a parade of features, the most important part of the mixer to me is tone. Nothing else we tried sounded the way we wanted with all the options we wanted."

Trench Recordings does not focus on one genre in particular, but Pedro says the size of the facility attracts "a lot of bands." The studios house 3000 square feet of soundproofed recording studios, "all with customizable acoustic treatments to get the sounds you're looking for." Additionally there are multiple isolation rooms and a live room "for great rocking drums." After a few months working on the API 1608, Pedro says there are no regrets. "Just about everything I do is easier now with the 1608. I love my console...thanks API!" Trench purchased their console through Studio Economik in Montreal, and the facility also frequently rents other API gear to use for individual sessions.