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From the Desk of: Virginia Arts Recording

Location: Charlottesville, Virginia

Owners: Chris Doermann, Owner and Lead Engineer

API Gear List: 1608, [2] 527, [10] 550A, 2500

From the Desk: Virginia Arts not only aims to please, but also aims to uphold the pursuit or creative vision of any person who enters. "We record an array of genres. Bands, music ensembles, audiobooks, voiceover, broadcast performances are all featured here at Virginia Arts," says Doermann.

In recent months, Virginia Arts has seen a variety of artists pass through their doors, including former actress Lisa Jakub (Mrs. Doubtfire, Independence Day), classical guitarist Matthew McAllister, local bands Chamomile & Whiskey, We Are Star Children, HONEYHONEY, and international rock-folk band Indigo Girls.

While preparing for the transition into the most demanding time of the year, Virginia Arts has begun undertaking even heftier projects. According to Doermann we can expect "a series of remote recordings to be mixed in the studio in historic locations of the Blue Ridge. We will also be working on the US Dressage Team music for the Olympics."

On API: Virginia Arts had a digital console until they decided to make the switch to an API 1608, and Doerman says they're never going back. "The clarity and punch of the pre amps is a huge step up. Achieving great mixes is much easier." Some of his favorite elements of the 1608 include "mixing with faders, and the signal routability. Tracking drums with the 512C, and using different combinations of 500 series slots." The studio's workflow is simplified by "using the patch bay to properly interface all of the outboard gear in the studio." It's the automation, however, that has changed how Doerman and his crew work: "Being able to easily recall analog mixes eliminated so much fight and strain with a computer."

For more on Virginia Arts, follow their facebook and Instagram pages.

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