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Three API 1608 owners featured in Resolution Magazine

Not one, not two, but three API 1608 owners are featured in the December issue of Resolution Magazine. David Chalmin, a French musician who purchased the 1608 for his STUDIO K, called the console "warm and crisp." Juno award-winning composer/producer Ian Nieman had his 1608 installed in his Canadian recording facility to give him the API "punchy sound" he has always admired. And producers Dan Hannon and engineer Brad Fisher of Eldest Only Productions who acquired their 1608 console last year, said "...the availability of all that headroom was something we weren't accustomed to with Pro Tools," and that their results have been "just amazing." For more information on the API 1608 and 1608 automation, visit the product page. Visit our press releases for more information on STUDIO K, Ian Nieman, and Eldest Only Productions.