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API Among the Greats at Nashville's House of David

House of David Studios is renowned in Nashville for many reasons, not the least of which is its extremely rare, cream colored API 2824 console. This nearly fifty-year old console—still cranking out hit records today—was installed in Nashville after several years spent in L.A. with historic producer Val Garay. Studio owner David Briggs bought and opened House of David in 1976, and installed the 2824 soon thereafter.

Recently, Studio Manager Mike Davis launched a YouTube series called "The Producer's Room", hosted by producer and songwriter Dave Tough who interviews the music world's best and brightest. The series started filming at RCA in front of a Wally Heider API, but once House of David's most recent update was complete it moved to its permanent home in front of the 2824. Davis posts photos of the console frequently to the studio's facebook page. "The Producer's Room" is updated monthly, and December's episode features musician and producer Dann Huff, who discusses highlights from his life in the recording industry.