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API Provides Vintage Roots to a Modern Audio Dealer

Did you know the VINTAGE in Vintage King actually has a story behind it? VK owners Mike and Andrew Nehra inherited the Doobie Brothers' 32 channel API console in the early '90s, when these brothers-cum-business partners owned the White Room Studio in Detroit, Michigan. The console inspired them to start selling top-notch audio gear, and the rest, as they say, is history. Today Vintage King can be relied on to provide classic and new API gear alike, but they still have a soft spot for their '71 custom API (sadly not for sale at this time).

Mike has this to say about the API console that gave his company its name: "This desk was the punchiest API we had ever come across, you would cut a track thru it and playback was amazingly in your face, with rock solid punch and clarity, but with a musical color that was undeniable." See more about the rare 515 modules installed in the console, and the painstaking restoration process it's undergoing now at VK headquarters in Detroit.