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After a Rock & Roll Road Trip, Sammy Hagar Comes Home to a 1608

The 1608 finds itself in the spotlight again with AXS TV's series Rock & Roll Road Trip with Sammy Hagar. The series follows Hagar as he travels across the country to interview and jam with legendary artists. While Hagar visits artists and studios throughout the U.S., plenty of screen time is dedicated to his own Red Rocker Studio.

Red Rocker Studio installed the 1608 a few years ago, when Hagar and his super group Chickenfoot started recording demos for their debut album. Hagar's Engineer John Cuniberti suggested the 1608, as it was a new console with an analog sound and feel.

"API is one of my favorite console manufacturers of all time... [and] the 1608 was an excellent choice," Cuniberti said in an interview with Pro Sound Web. "In four years, we've never had a single issue with it — not even a burned out light! Having spent so many years dealing with unreliable... consoles, it's nice to know that when I show up to the studio, everything will be working."

Ultimately, the 1608 provided everything the group was looking for.

"It's classic API. It has clarity and punch, and it's very pleasant sounding... It passes signal like nothing I've ever heard."

Owing to the sonic capability of the 1608, some of Chickenfoot's demos recorded with the console even made it on to their debut album. The group went on to record their follow-up album entirely on the 1608.

API is pleased to see that the 1608 is a staple at Red Rocker Studio. When you're on the road as much as Hagar, it's always a comfort to come home to a warm analog console.