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GSI Studios Opens New Facility with API 1608

A 36 channel 1608 console serves as the centerpiece of Studio A at GSI Studios, which has a brand new facility in New York City. GSI Studios is the brainchild of musicians and childhood friends Daniel Rovin and Austin White, and started out as a simple outfit in Midtown Manhattan in 2011. After a few years of mostly personal use, the duo teamed up with drummer Eric Harland and the studio started expanding. In 2016, GSI packed up the old studio and after over a year of construction, a brand new studio was formed in April 2017.

Alongside Head Engineer Josh Giunta, Rovin, White, and Harland aim to create an entirely new community of musicians making creative music both live and produced in NYC. The team at GSI says having a console like the API 1608 is essential to attaining their vision. The 1608 was supplied by Alto Music's Bobby Montemurro.

"We were immediately impressed and excited by the sound of the 1608. We love the saturation, snappiness, color of the pres, the gel of the summing, and the natural balance the console provides to the instruments that pass through it," says Josh Giunta. "We've already recorded some of the best musicians in New York, and many have commented how well the console represents and enhances their individual sounds."