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API Makes the Grade in Mix's Class of 2019

Every June, Mix magazine talks to leading studio designers and acousticians to learn about some of the hottest new studios in the industry. These studios make up the "Class of 2019," and this year, two studios profiled in the magazine tout API 1608 consoles.

First up is King Tide Studio in Sausalito, CA, a private use studio designed by Jeff Hedback of HD Acoustics. With a 1608 at the helm of its operation, King Tide "caters to full ensemble tracking where the room acoustics, sightlines and technology all work together to capture and encourage creativity."

Second on the list is the Sweetwater Music Center at Purdue University Fort Wayne, opened in September 2018 as a facility for the university's Popular Music and Music Industry programs. Designed by Richard Schraug of Russ Berger Design Group, the facility includes a recording studio suite, audio laboratory, edit suites, classroom and student collaboration areas among others.

"Everything we need is in there, from the mic preamps, to the 550b EQs, to the 527 Compressors, the mix bus architecture, and so on," says John Fishell, head of the school's Music Technology program. "The functionality is superb — balanced inserts on every channel, comprehensive peak and average metering, excellent 'control room' section... The 1608 simply sounds great."