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API Sends 1608 to Bangkok's ICONIC Clubbing Studio

Bangkok, Thailand - May 2011:
Professional recording equipment manufacturer API recently shipped one of its world-renowned 1608 analog consoles to ICONIC Clubbing Studio, a premier recording facility in Bangkok. The 1608's new, international home is a great representation of API's ever-increasing presence and popularity in Asia.

"API remains committed to supporting artists, studios, engineers and producers in Thailand, as well as those in India, Taiwan and the rest of the Asia Pacific region," said Dan Zimbelman, director of sales at API. "With the 1608's placing in ICONIC Clubbing Studio, more engineers and musicians will be able to experience the analog warmth of API's discrete audio signal path first-hand."

ICONIC Clubbing Studio functions under the unique business plan dubbed, "Music Modeling," which offers clients "a bridge to a major record label" in providing services, such as photography, that are atypical of most recording studios. Additionally, ICONIC Clubbing Studio features a full range of services including music production, audio mastering and post-production.