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'Rock Star Realtor' Chooses API 1608 for New Studio

Austin, Texas - Oct. 2011:
One of Automated Processes, Inc.'s renowned 1608 analog consoles has recently been installed at Red Horse ATX Recording Studio – a recording facility owned by Jimmy Thrill Quill. Quill, lead singer of rock group Rattlesnake Shake and Bravo's Million Dollar Listing fame, said an API 1608 was the perfect console for his studio's centerpiece.

"Buying the API 1608 from Sonic Circus was the most magical thing," said Quill, who ordinarily works as a realtor for musicians and other celebrities. "API has been every other word for me; I'm getting voicemails all the time from people asking if they can come see the board. API has the reputation and I don't have to sell it. I can tell you that a lot of the young kids who come out of Pro Tools look at the board like it's the most beautiful thing on earth. Actually, even the older recording veterans have the same reaction."

Red Horse ATX, which operates under Thrill Quill Music Corporation, gets its name honestly as the building sits across from a sprawling ranch property with roaming bison, zebras and yes, a red horse. Having Texas-born parents, Quill, a longtime Los Angeles resident, decided to open the studio in Austin following his gut instinct that the area is quickly shaping up to be what he refers to as, "the next Seattle," citing ever-growing popular events such as Austin City Limits and SXSW.

"Every single day some band is coming to Austin to do their best show. After all, it's the live music capital of the world. One of the reasons I chose to build my studio in Austin over Nashville, New York, or Los Angeles (besides having Texas roots) was because I wanted to capture what I think is the next music scene."

Quill said the API console is essential to his plan. "I like to let the music do the talking," he said. "I'd rather rely on the board and use just a few outboard modules and mic pres. I want to hear how bands play music," he said, "and the 1608 lets me.

"It's so exciting to know I can build on this board," said Quill. "My next step is to buy the API 1608 expander, another lunchbox® and a 2500 stereo compressor. When I'm showing my recording studio to clients, the API 1608 is my hook, line and sinker," said Quill. "I just really think that board is going to hold its value and it's only going to be valued more over time.

"Now, I just want to make music. And I think I'm in the right place at the right time with the right board."