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Bikini Atoll "Inspired" by New API 1608 Console

Brentwood, TN - April 2015:
Grant Goddard is not new to the music industry, but his studio "Bikini Atoll Sound" recently got its first bit of API gear. In addition to owning Bikini Atoll, Goddard is also a professional sound designer. He saw a 1608 installed in his studio this spring, and he's already looking forward to expanding it. "The 1608 allows for better recordings, warmer sound, bigger, fuller mixes, and smoother work flow. I'm planning on more modules, another 16-channel chassis, and plan to add automation in the near future." The 1608 was an easy choice for Goddard to make, but he did have some help from API dealer Robb Zenn at Alto Music in New York. Goddard explains, "The 16-channel 1608 was the best choice for me as my goal was to start with a very high-quality professional console that offers the ability to expand as my studio, workload and budget increase. I was impressed with the API reputation for longevity and service, and needed a centerpiece for my studio that wouldn't be outgrown any time soon."

Goddard's studio is located in Brentwood, Tennessee, so the 1608 has gotten to cut its teeth on "a handful of promising up-and-coming local Nashville bands such as Sky Temple Blues, Chris Firebaugh y Los Diablos en Fuegos, and Dane & the Aquatic." While Goddard describes himself as a "lover of all types of music", he says that the studio tends to record rock and blues the most. In the past, Goddard has worked with major artists across all genres, including Mos Def, Fergie, Slash, Smashing Pumpkins, and Kid Cudi, although he is "confident the 1608 would be instrumental in helping to elevate the overall quality of the productions at Bikini Atoll," no matter who they have in the studio. The 1608 has its "obvious" advantages, according to Goddard, who defines those as "ease-of-use, reliability, clarity, and headroom, headroom, headroom!" but another hidden advantage he has noticed since the 1608 was installed is that "the console has brought a new energy, which has greatly inspired and enhanced our creativity at the studio."