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Quay West Studios Adds a 1608 to the Mix

Quay West Studios started in 2011 as a basic recording and rehearsal studio that served the local community of Gosport in the UK. As time went on, the studio invested in more recording equipment, allowing them to further the quality of recordings they were putting out.

Last year, Quay West decided the next goal would be to get a world class console to take things to the next level.

"We had researched the market to see what would be most suitable for our studio and the API 1608 fit our requirements perfectly," said Nick Bowen, Director, Producer, and Sound Engineer at Quay West.

"Knowing how their users rated them spoke volumes to us, so we made it our mission to get one."

Quay West Studios was even more convinced when they learned more about the 1608.

"We discovered that we weren't just buying a piece of equipment, but were in fact buying a legacy piece due to all the artists that have recorded through this console," Nick said.

"We've been using it for nearly a month now, getting used to the sound, along with the workflow and it truly sounds amazing and the results are incredible."