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The 1608 Completes Alan Vukelic's Studio

Alan Vukelic is a Producer and Mixing Engineer based in Germany, and he's been working with API in the studio for years. Vukelic started out on API's modules and rack gear, like the 2500 and 550A, before moving onto the Box console, which gave him a large format sound in a small package. Now he's moved up the API food chain to a 16-channel 1608 console, which gives him the "tight and punchy" API sound in spades.

"I love the 1608," says Vukelic. "It's been the best purchase ever. I wish I would have bought this a lot earlier in my career."

Vukelic's studio is located at his home in the countryside of Baden-Baden, Germany, but he frequently travels to the US for recording sessions. He has worked with artists such as Loona, Mickie Krause, Dante Thomas, The Weather Girls, Ratet El Roman, Lou Bega and many more. To learn more about Vukelic's work, visit his website.